Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ 114mm f/9 AZ Reflector Telescope
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With the Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ 114mm f/9 AZ Reflector Telescope, exploring the wonders of the universe is as simple as 1-2-3: 1. Dock your smartphone 2. Launch the StarSense Explorer smartphone app 3. Observe the moon, planets, stars, and more This innovative integration of smartphone and telescope offers beginner astronomers a fast and (more importantly) easy way to discover what's up in the night sky and where to view it. Utilizing similar alignment technology that satellites use when they move out of position, the StarSense Explorer app uses your phone's camera to stream a constant series of images and compare them to an internal database to identify the starfield and determine its location. This "Lost in Space Algorithm" is more precise than typical astronomy apps and does not require a cell signal to work—so you can use it even when you're far off the grid. A holder on the mount, aligned with the telescope, ensures that where the phone is pointed is the same as where the scope is, so that when you follow the onscreen directions to find the object of interest and you look through the eyepiece, it will be there. Optically, the large 114mm primary mirror with its highly reflective aluminum coatings gathers copious amounts of light to provide detailed views of the lunar surface and planetary features, with the ability to reach beyond our solar system and view bright deep-sky objects. Supporting the telescope and StarSense holder is a basic manual yoke mount outfitted with a simple control handle that lets you move the telescope quickly and easily according to the app's direction to find your object of interest, with the ability to precisely track the object when you want to view it for extended periods. A two-section aluminum tripod provides a wide adjustable height to accommodate a variety of viewing positions and users, while being highly portable for when you have to carry it to remote viewing locations. Designed as a complete observation rig, Celestron includes a variety of accessories to get you viewing right out of the box. In addition to the telescope, mount, and tripod, you also get two eyepieces that provide you with high and low magnifications, plus a Barlow lens that effectively doubles the power of each eyepiece—essentially giving you four magnification choices. StarSense System Download StarSense Explorer app from the Google Play (Android) store or App Store (iPhone) Place an Android smartphone or iPhone in the included StarSense Explorer dock 2-minute procedure to align the phone with the telescope App generates a list of celestial objects currently visible Select the object to view and arrows appear onscreen, guiding the user as they move the telescope When the object is ready to view, the bullseye turns green The StarSense app utilizes a "Lost in Space Algorithm" (LISA) to accurately calculate the current location and orientation by using the phone's GPS data, gyroscopic input, and camera to map the night sky and compare it to the app's database to accurately align and orient the scope and determine what is visible overhead App is self-contained; no cell signal required for use far off the grid Compatible Smartphones: Android 7.1.2 and higher manufactured in 2016 and later, with camera, gyro, and accelerometer iPhone 6 and newer Optical Tube Assembly Large 114mm f/9 aperture to view the moon, planets, stars, globular clusters, and other bright deep-space objects Long 1000mm focal length produces a high magnification potential for a variety of applications Newtonian reflector optical design provides a large clear aperture without the restrictions on size experienced by refractor designs Highly reflective aluminum-coated mirrors improve light transmission, color rendition, and contrast Secondary mirror obstruction: 44mm (1.73"); 38% by diameter, 14% by area Resolution: 1.22 arcsec, Rayleigh; 1.02 arcsec, Dawes Reliable single-speed rack-and-pinion focuser Standard 1.25" holder accepts the most common size eyepieces and accessories, including the two eyepieces and Barlow lens in this kit Mount and Tripod Manual alt-azimuth mount design is simple to set up and move by hand Control handle provides a precise way to move and track objects with reduced vibration Simple and sturdy yoke mounting offers stability and reduced vibration Adjustable-height aluminum tripod accommodates a variety of users and observing positions Maximum height of 52" (132cm) including mount Center tray holds accessories such as eyepieces and filters Included Accessories 25mm eyepiece produces a low 40x power for observing the moon, planets, deep-sky objects, and constellations 10mm high-magnification eyepiece yields 100x power for detailed views of the lunar surface and planetary features 2x Barlow lens effectively doubles the magnification of any 1.25" eyepiece installed on it without affecting eye relief, making it more comfortable to view at high power Unmagnified StarPointer finderscope places a simple red dot in the field of view to make alignment and star hopping navigation faster and easier

  • Optical DesignNewtonian Reflector
  • Aperture114mm (4.5")
  • Focal Length1000mm (39.3")
  • Focal Ratiof/9
  • Focal Length of Eyepiece 125mm (0.98")
  • Magnification of Eyepiece 140x
  • Focal Length of Eyepiece 210mm (0.39")
  • Magnification of Eyepiece 2100x
  • Barlow Lens2x (1.25")
  • FinderscopeStarPointer™ red dot finderscope
  • Optical TubeSteel
  • Highest Useful Magnification269x
  • Lowest Useful Magnification16x
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude12.8
  • Resolution (Rayleigh)1.22 arc seconds
  • Resolution (Dawes)1.02 arc seconds
  • Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye)265x
  • Secondary Mirror Obstruction44mm (1.73")
  • Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter38%
  • Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area14%
  • Optical CoatingsGlass mirrors coated with aluminum and SiO₂
  • Optical Tube Length609.6mm (24")
  • Optical Tube Diameter147mm (5.78")
  • Optical Tube Weight6.6 lbs (2.99 kg)
  • DovetailNone
  • Mount TypeManual Alt-Azimuth
  • Height adjustment range (includes mount and tripod)Aluminum, 1320.8mm (52") max height
  • Tripod Leg Diameter31.75mm (1.75") steel
  • Accessory TrayYes
  • Tripod Weight3.8 lbs (1.72 kg)
  • Slew SpeedsManual
  • GPSUses phone's GPS
  • Dovetail CompatibilityNone
  • Power RequirementsNone (Recommend PowerTank Glow to keep phone charged while using app)
  • Alignment ProceduresUse StarSense Explorer app
  • SoftwareStarSense Explorer app | SkyPortal app | Celestron Starry Night Basic Edition Software
  • Total Kit Weight10.4 lbs (4.71 kg)
  • Included ItemsTelescope tube | Mount/tripod (preassembled) | 25mm & 10mm eyepieces | 2x Barlow lens | StarPointer finderscope | Accessory tray | StarSense Explorer phone dock

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