Color Filters Set (6 Pieces) for Astronomical Telescopes
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Product Description

# 82A Light Blue-The light blue filter is suitable for observing the moon, , Jupiter, and discussion. This filter is often used with others, which improves contrast in dim areas without affecting the brightness of the planet. # 12 yellow-yellow filter improves contrast to lunar craters; , channels and polar caps become more obvious. Jupiter and debate, contrast is enhanced on the blue ammonia cloud belt. # 23 Red-red filter blocks shot almost blue and green light, you have a very strong contrast, for example, between a blue toned structure and bright details on the clouded surface of Jupiter and Saturn. However, this filter is mainly used to observe polar caps. The # 21 orange-orange filter blocks blue and green wavelengths, enhancing the details of Toyone and Jupiter's cloud belts. On , it sharpens the boundary between orange and green areas. # 56 Light Green-The bright green filter is perfect for observing ice caps in martian sandstorms on and surfaces. It also improves the contrast of red and blue structures in Jupiter's atmosphere.

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