Junior Medical Microscope
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SKY-20 Student Monocular Compound Microscope Viewing Body Monocular tube, Straight Stand Monocular, frame inclines back to 90° EyepieceHuygenian eyepiece 10x & 15x 0r 5x (Any Two) NosepieceQuadruple revolving Nosepiece Objectives SA series Achromatic objectives 10x/ NA 0.25 &40x/ NA 0.65 (SL) StageStage plate size 120 x 100mm Focusing Separate coarse and fine focus controls Coarse movement by Rack & Pinion and fine movement by Screw Lever Mechanism Condenser Sub-stage Iris diaphragm with moving up and down through rack and pinion, condenser NA 1.25 with Blue Filter Illumination SystemPlano concave reflector mirror mounted at the base Package Contents Thermocole Box xd with operation manual, dust cover and cleaning cloth

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