Skypoint 76 az Telescope with 10 mm Wide Field, 20 mm plossel Eye piece and solar film 4x4 inch
Product Code : 76 az
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Product Description

Telescope with alt-azimuth mount and simple operation Many imagine a telescope is really complicated to use. 76mm mirror telescope - observe the planets in detail. This mirror telescope has a 76mm aperture and collects 118 times more light than the human eye alone, allowing you to observe a wealth of detail on the Moon and planets. Enjoy observing the the cloud structures on Jupiter and Saturn with its rings. an amazing achievement, as these objects are several million kilometres distant from us. As simple as a camera tripod - the alt-azimuth mount The skypoint 76az is very simple in construction - the aluminium tripod and the alt-azimuth mount are an all-in-one unit. This allows you to navigate your telescope intuitively to any object you wish. You can then exactly centre the object in the eyepiece using the elevation adjuster. This telescope is perfect for your first forays into the universe - e.g. it is particularly useful for detailed observation of the Moon. But it is equally suitable for nature-watching. Do you want see a remote object? - then set it up and use the huge magnification range provided. All-in-one - the accessory package You also receive a complete set of accessories included with this telescope - so you don't have to worry about needing anything extra. Warranty 1 year..

  • Aperture76mm Mirror
  • Focal Length700mm
  • BrandSkypoint
  • ModelSkypoint 76 az
  • Focal Ratiof/9.2
  • Resolution1.5 Arc Seconds
  • Finderscope5x24
  • ColorWhite or Light Grey
  • MirrorHighly reflective aluminized mirror with hard coating
  • Magnification1) 35x, 2) 56x, 3) 175x
  • StandAluminum Tripod
  • MountAltazimuth Metal Mount
  • VisibilityCan see 11.1 Magnitude star
  • Eye Piece1) 20mm, 2) 12.5mm, 3) 4mm
  • Weight(grams)6000
  • Warranty1 year

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