Skypoint f76700 Reflector Telescope + Kellner eye pieces
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Product Description

Skypoint 76700 f/9 Reflector Telescope to give beginner star-gazers a complete astronomical platform for making detailed observations of the Moon and larger planets, learning constellations, or viewing comets, while providing them with the tools to use the scope as a powerful spotter for Earth-bound subjects. Its 76mm primary mirror and 700mm focal length make this a highly portable and easy-to-handle scope, while the adjustable aluminum tripod provides a stable platform for users of various heights. Two eyepieces are provided that produce a high 350x and low 88x powers, and when used with the 2x Barlow lens the magnification of each eyepiece is tripled to add to the scope's versatility. For terrestrial viewing, includes a 1.5x erector prism that corrects the image horizontally and vertically. Finally, to safely view the moon between the first and last quarter phases, when it is at its brightest, there is a moon filter that simply threads onto the front of the eyepiece, Barlow, or diagonal to reduce intense moonlight and improve contrast for better and clearer views. Optical Tube • 76mm aperture is ideal for viewing the moon, large planets, constellations, 700mm focal length produces medium magnifications so views remain crisp and clear • Anti-reflection coated optics improve light transmission to keep views bright • Integrated dew shield helps to prevent condensation from building on the objective lens • Single speed rack-and-pinion focuser is easy to use and achieve sharp views • 0.935" drawtube with 1.25 eyepiece/accessory accessibility. Mount and Tripod • Manual alt-azimuth • Simple yoke-style with altitude locking bar for easier use • Full-sized anodized aluminum tripod • Adjustable height from 23 to 40" accommodates a wide variety of users and viewing positions • Spiked feet provide sure footing in rough, soft, or uneven ground • Center accessory tray holds eyepieces, diagonals, filters, and other gear off the ground and within easy reach Included Accessories Eyepiece: • 0.965" diameter of H20, 12.5mm and 4mm • 1.25” diameter of Plossl eye piece 20mm, 10mm • Threaded for optional filters to enhance views • 4mm focal length produces a high 175x power Moon filter: • Enables safe viewing of the moon from the first quarter phases through to the last quarter phase • Reduces the moon's brightness and increases contrast for enhanced viewing, especially as it approaches the full moon phase • Screws into the front of the eyepiece, diagonal, or Barlow Barlow lens: • Effectively triples the magnification of any eyepieces used in it without affecting the eye relief for more comfortable high-power viewing Erecting eyepiece: • Straight-through viewing • Corrects view to enable the telescope to be used as a conventional spotting scope for earth-bound objects like boats, birds, or animals • 1.5x power slightly increases the magnification of any eyepiece used with it • 0.965" holder accepts the included eyepieces Finderscope: • 5x power ensures a wide field of view to make star-hopping navigation faster and easier • Mounting bracket included

  • Aperture76mm Mirror
  • Focal Length700mm
  • BrandSkypoint
  • ModelSkypoint 76 az
  • Focal Ratiof/9.2
  • Resolution1.5 Arc Seconds
  • Finderscope5x24
  • ColorWhite or Light Grey
  • MirrorHighly reflective aluminized mirror with hard coating
  • Magnification1) 35x, 2) 56x, 3) 175x, 350x maximum
  • StandAluminum Tripod
  • MountAltazimuth Metal Mount
  • VisibilityCan see 11.1 Magnitude star
  • Eye Piece 0.965 inch dia 1) 20mm, 2) 12.5mm, 3) 4mm
  • Eye Piece 1.25 inch dia Celestron Kellner eyepieces 20mm and 10mm
  • Barlow 0.965 inch dia 2x
  • Erecting eyepiece 0.965 inch dia 1.5x
  • Filter1 moon filter
  • Weight(grams)6200
  • Warranty1 year

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