Skypoint 8x Telescope Making kit
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Product Description

Make Your Own Telescope! Using DIY Telescope Making kit, kids assemble a hand-held, 8X refractor telescope in a matter of minutes and start viewing the wonders of Moon on clear sky. Telescope Making Kit includes PVC Pipe,Lens Holder,Eye Piece,Eye Piece Holder,Main Lens and Instruction Manual. There is no glue needed, kit can be disassembled and reassembled. The magnification is approximately 8X, and the terrestrial view is inverted.

  • Aperture38 mm Lens
  • Focal Length200 mm
  • BrandSkypoint
  • ModelTelescope Making Kit
  • Image FormationInverted
  • Warranty6 Months
  • ColorMulti Colour
  • Magnification8x
  • TubePlastic Tube
  • LensNormal
  • Eye Piece25 mm Focal Length
  • Weight 250grams
  • Package includesPVC Pipe, Lens Holder, Eye Piece, Eye Piece Holder, Main Lens, Instruction Manual

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